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Brief introduction of Environmental Protection Park

In response to environmental protection trend around the world, Taiwan government actively establishes “Taoyuan Environmental Science & Technology Park” in order to launch the green industry, create a cycle society and acquire a globalized environmental protection market.


                            Taoyuan Environmental Science

Taoyuan Environmental Science & Technology Park is developed on the basis of “coexisting industries, sharing resources, exchanging information, and sharing risk” to pursuit “advanced technology on recycling resources,” “advanced environmental protection technology,” and “eco-industry.” Besides, the park enthusiastically seeks for partners of advanced environmental protection technology, hoping to create a leading park with low pollution, high added values, and production-life-ecology community.

iconCurrent Situation of Recycle
 According to 2004 Yearbook of Environmental Protection Statistics, the weight of recycled resources in 2004 was about 1.394 million tons and the rate of resource recycling was 20.11%. According to the statistics by the control center, in 2004 the weight of industrial waste disposal on application was 12 million and 401.9 thousand tons, of which 7 million and 815.4thousand tons were recycled, i.e. 63% of the recycling rate. Thus, there is a long way to go to improve the recycling rate. However, lacks of business cycles, the cost and low-level technology of recycle and pollution control cause many wastes of recyclable resources. This is a great waste and takes up many facility and costs, leading to greater economic losses, which is not in the interest of the national development. For this reason, recycling brooks no delay.
iconTo facilitate balance growth, boost economy, and create more job opportunities

Taiwan is of extremely high foreign-trade dependence, a truth that highlights the importance of Taiwanese environmental protection at the international level. Taoyuan Environmental Science & Technology Park is established to increase the recycling rate, employ advanced technologies and talents on advanced recycling, and drive R&D and development of Taiwanese related industries. For the benefits of integrated industries, cleanse technology, advanced recycle technology and environmental protection technology, Taoyuan Environmental Science & Technology Park set in a right place is introduced cutting-edge technologies, R&D institutions, and methods of recycling, in order to become a sustainable, recycle eco-park and to balance the industry, life, and ecology.

The establishment of Taoyuan Environmental Science & Technology Park aims at a higher recycle rate, less idle land and lower employment rate by attracting more companies, and also the development of emerging environmental protection industry and a broad market. The good investment environment out of such establishment will, in turn, attract world-renowned companies to build factories in Taiwan and Taiwan, on the other hand, can enhance the environmental protection level by mutual technical cooperation and technology transfer. In the long run Taiwan will have more powerful global competitiveness, more business opportunities, and finally fulfill the goal of sustainable development.

Preparatory Office of Taoyuan Environmental Science & Technology Park: http://testp.tyepb.gov.tw

 Phone of Preparatory Office: 886-3-473-8004 
County office special line: 886-3-339-2559 
Fax: 886-3-473-4249 
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